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Rules for Formulating a Contradiction and Research Problems

The contradiction in scientific work emphasizes the presence of a weak spot, and the problem specifies this “weak link”. For the competent formulation of these parameters, the author of the dissertation research must adhere to the following action plan:

  • Collect the maximum number of reliable and substantiated materials within the framework of the topic under study. It is important to double-check all resources and make sure of their quality, authenticity, relevance;

  • Based on the studied primary sources, identify existing contradictions. This parameter is easy to identify when reading various reviews and critics' opinions, comparing materials from different sources, comparing old and new rules;

  • Determine the boundaries of the phenomenon under study: what exactly should be covered, what example should be used to show the effect of the problem, etc.;

  • It is necessary to specify the problem, focusing on the purpose, subject and object of the study, the identified contradictions, relying solely on verified primary sources.

The contradictions and the problem should emphasize the relevance, novelty and significance of the chosen topic of the dissertation work. The problem of the scientific project is designed to note the existence of a gap between the proven facts and the author's assumptions, to prove the need for its elimination, to focus on its impact on the object of study in the current conditions and to predict changes after its solution.

When formulating a research problem, it is important to have the necessary knowledge and ideas on the topic. In particular, the author must:

  • take into account the "symptoms" that will emphasize the presence of weaknesses in the object of scientific work;

  • collect an evidence base that will substantiate the author's assumptions;

  • have a good command of English (or a foreign) language for the competent formulation of thoughts, key points of the study.

Please note that the same problem can be raised in different studies, find unique solutions, and bring different results. The main thing is that the author should be able to prove that the results obtained by him are effective and achievable in comparison with their predecessors. To do this, it is necessary to have a sufficient evidence base, reliable and reasonable forecasts and testing results.

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